Xavier Canut or artistic transversatilitat

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Xavier Canut transversatilitat artistic or remain away games the Meccano constructions, Modern Architect, they ceres, the watercolors, oils and Spanish guitar, that marked the starting point of the artistic expression of Xavier Canut determining unequivocally his career in the design and manufacture of furniture, the design of interior spaces and his vocation as a painter artist, actor and musician. The knowledge of the creative process of the furniture, from design to construction, interioritza l'i l'applies to painting. Experiment with the elements involved in assembling furniture, the diversity of wood, okume, … Continued

Tibidabo lake – Opera brief Xavier Canut

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Àngels Canut Sponsors “Tibidabo lake” Opera brief Xavier Canut Barcelona Theater Center presents the second play of the trilogy: Diagonal River (Released March 2009) Tibidabo lake sea Xavier Montserrat Canut Speakers: Sara Bathtubs, Massira, Soprano Anna Martínez, Ensa, Soprano Jorge A. Jasso, Karel, Tenor Xavier Aguilar, Antol, Baritone Felix Merino, Ralòs, Tenor Joseph Cànaves, Coral accordion roar, Olga Campos heart of town. Stage director Xavier Canut, Karel Keyboards, carpenter working repairing the chapel of St. Rolta a lakeside Tibidabo Antolin, monk, saw, caring and runs the chapel serves parishioners and their parish Massira, the young … Continued