Xavier Canut mixed technique

Xavier Canut or artistic transversatilitat

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Xavier Canut or artistic transversatilitat


Xavier Canut
Cambrils 1949

Away games are the constructions Meccano, Modern Architect, they ceres, the watercolors, oils and Spanish guitar, which will mark the punt starting from the artistic expression of Xavier Canut determining unequivocally its career in the design and manufacture of furniture, the design of interior spaces and his vocation as a painter artist, actor and musician.

The knowledge of the creative process of the furniture, from design to construction, interioritza l'i l'applies to painting. Experiment with the elements involved in assembling furniture, the diversity of wood, okume, pi, poplar, recycled wood racks, the schools, varnishes, the hardware and the paintings gradually incorporating his paintings. The boards and canvases become supporting creations where the thicknesses are important in a materia evolving toward abstract expressionism. Works that harmonize with the paintings of Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Mark Tobey. Remain behind the end line and figurative works the first time.

The enthusiasm for staging brought a Xavier Canut represent works of writers and playwrights Josep Maria Folch i Torres, Pere Calders, Sergi Belbel, Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore and the works that he has written and directed them alternating monologues own. He has also participated as actor in several amateur films and photonovels. essent invited to participate in radio and TV as an expert in interior.

The passion for music has been a constant over the years. From the first notes stolen in the Spanish guitar singer, bassist of the bands the Tenebros i the Jets a concert pianist and songwriter. Influenced by the music of George Gershwin, Pyotr IlyichTchaikovsky i Giacomo Puccinil made the trilogy of operas, Diagonal River, 2009, Tibidabo Lake, 2015 successfully premiered in Barcelona and performed by professional singers and opera, Montserrat Sea that probably premiere 2017.

Visit his exhibition in our gallery online.

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