Despite playing with Molière comedy

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Despite playing with Molière comedy

Comedy based on characters and situations theater Molière.

Revision and adaptation to Catalan J.M. Vidal, l'Original Juan Antonio Castro I smell burnt Horn.

The adventure we propose today is to delve,all together, and public actors, món Molière in the mà J. M. Vidal. This farce will find well-known characters of the great French master, com Sganarelle, Molière same role that he played so many times and we have divided into three female voices and present leading role. The Miser and his daughter Celia Harpago, The Bourgeois Gentleman Monsieur Argan, Leli's love, Dorina and indispensable servants and Scarpa. In the cas of Dorina, the naughty maid, We also doubled to give the game more actresses group Triangle.



Dear friends, clients, public and readers of our blog,

Through this new post we want to let you know that our gallery, initially specialized in the design, creation and marketing of exclusive collections with their own designs of accessories and pieces of jewelry, already has more than 5 years of experience. We managed to consolidate our virtual, a challenge and as always we continue to search for new horizons…

Enric Sagnier and Villavecchia

Villavecchia Enric Sagnier and Josep Enric Sagnier and Villavecchia Ferran was born in Barcelona 21 March 1858 and died on 1 September 1931. Son of Luis Sagnier and Nadal, man a solid humanistic education that instills his son, along with his wife Clementine Villavecchia Brugueras. Enric Sagnier studied high school as an intern at the Coll de Valldèmia school in Mataró. He studied music and violin García Robles Gimferrer and painting workshop of the painter's Poble Sec, Simon Gomez and the School of the Exchange. Combine studies with sport, the 1913 formed part of the hockey team … Continued

Xavier Canut or artistic transversatilitat

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Xavier Canut transversatilitat artistic or remain away games the Meccano constructions, Modern Architect, they ceres, the watercolors, oils and Spanish guitar, that marked the starting point of the artistic expression of Xavier Canut determining unequivocally his career in the design and manufacture of furniture, the design of interior spaces and his vocation as a painter artist, actor and musician. The knowledge of the creative process of the furniture, from design to construction, interioritza l'i l'applies to painting. Experiment with the elements involved in assembling furniture, the diversity of wood, okume, … Continued