Mary Heredia

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Artist Mary Heredia says the act of creating connects her to her “already” interior, with his higher consciousness. His thinking is in line with creative ideas and projects. And creating her works is the best she can give of herself to society. Like many artists, Mary Heredia has the perfection of nature as inspiration. The sky, Water, the vegetation, everything is within our reach and you just have to pay attention to it. She likes to discover new ways of doing things, he is passionate about challenges and says that, even, risk dough: “trial and error” they are a constant to give excitement to their work. Looking for shape and color, he is very interested in finding it … Continued

Alejandro Gonzalez

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ALEJANDRO GONZÁLEZ MORENO Neix to Havana, Cuba, the 21 October of 1955, he has lived in Barcelona for years. ACADEMIC TRAINING 1972-1976 Diploma in painting and drawing by l’ Academy of Plastic Arts“Saint Alexander”, Havana(Cuba). 1976-1981 Degree in architecture from the Instituto Superior Politécnico“Jose Antonio Echeverría”, Havana(Cuba). COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS 2021“Solstice 2021”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2019“Solstices 2019”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2018“Solstices 2018”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2017“Solstice 2017”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2016“Solstices 2016”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2015“Solstices 2015”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2015-2019Collective exhibition at the Carré Gallery of Artists. Cologne(Germany). 2014“Solstices 2014”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2014“Identity”. Habana Art Gallery. Barcelona. 2014“Prelude”. Habana Art Gallery. Barcelona. 2014“Solstices 2014”. Room key. L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. 2014Collective exhibition of resident artists at TPK, “The metaphor as resistance”. Roca Umbert. Granollers, Barcelona. 2013-2014Collective exhibition … Continued

Manuel Castro

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MANUEL CASTRO MELLADO Manuel Castro, born in Córdoba in 1944. He has lived in Barcelona since 1952. Artistic studies at La Llotja and the Conservatory of Book Arts (Engraving and Lithography) Barcelona. Scholarship from the Castellblanch Foundation to expand artistic studies in Paris. L’any 1967 begins its participation in group exhibitions. He died in Barcelona in 2020. INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS1969 Sala Jaimes (Barcelona) 1973 Matisse Gallery (Barcelona)Fort Gallery (Tarragona)Lo Marraco Gallery (Lleida) 1974 Culture room (Pamplona)CAMPC Art Room (Córdoba) 1975 Lleonart Gallery (Barcelona)Alaro Gallery (Sitges) 1976 La Mulassa Gallery (Vilanova i la Geltrú)Seny Gallery (Barcelona) 1977 Victor Bailo Gallery (Saragossa)Province Room (Lion) 1978 Joan de Serrallonga Gallery (Barcelona)Soler Casamada Gallery (Terrace) 1981 El Setze Gallery (Martorell) 1985 Spanish Institute of Culture (Munic, Germany) 1987 … Continued