Mary Heredia

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Artist Mary Heredia says the act of creating connects her to her “already” interior, with his higher consciousness. His thinking is in line with creative ideas and projects. And creating her works is the best she can give of herself to society.

Like many artists, Mary Heredia has the perfection of nature as inspiration. The sky, Water, the vegetation, everything is within our reach and you just have to pay attention to it.

To her he likes to discover new ways of doing things, he is passionate about challenges and says that, even, risk dough: “trial and error” they are a constant to give excitement to their work. Looking for shape and color, he is very interested in going to find it “lightness of the work”.

At this moment, is immersed in working with oil with lichin, with showers, inks and transparencies, although he also researches and tests with craft paper, creating small sculptures that weigh nothing.

His work is defined as “intimate” i “very vital” i, certainly, his language begins to make sense.

Mary Heredia, born in Higuera la Real (Badajoz) the 1957, moved to Montgat in 1962 and, des de 2003 lives in Pineda de Mar. (The Maresme, Barcelona).

Artist by vocation, discovers painting in high school, although he did not begin to develop his studies on the path of art until 1992, when he begins to relate to Ignasi Mas, who introduces it fully into the “Museum of Fine Arts” of Badalona.

Mary Heredia, studied basic painting techniques with different
cultural centers and institutions, as flamenco painting with Mikhail Vasilev
(2010-2011), at the TPK in Hospitalet de Llobregat (art and thought
contemporaries, of 2011 to the 2014), and has been a resident artist at the Hostal
Fugaroles de Sant Hilari Sacalm (2013-2015).

She is a partner, collaborator and linked to multiple cultural entities: Circle
Artistic of Pineda de Mar, Sant Lluc Artistic Circle for the Art of Mataró i
friends for the art of the Maresme d’Arenys de Munt.

She has always been fascinated by painting, la música, poetry, Arts
scenic… ultimately, for Art and everything that awakens feelings and us
fills the spirit. She understood Art as something closely linked to the circumstances surrounding it, at the same time, who takes advantage of the learning available to them.

In the words of the artist “my loved ones and my work are the
things that give meaning to my life”.


Let's go back in the summer“Rue del Percebe” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215 (Sant Hilari
Let's go back to winter“Human rights” - 2nd and 3rd floor installation, Sala Can Rovira.
spring tourmi“Artistic tandems” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215 i hall.
Autumn tornado“Reinterpretem” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215
H2O Particles Exhibition - Water Museum (Sant Hilari Sacalm).
Let's go back to winter“Love Letters” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215
Let's go back in the summer“Dreams” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215
Let's go back to winter“Art and Stories” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215
Let's go back in the summer“Haunted” “Room of fear” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215
I'll be back in the spring“ex-abrupt” - Hostal Fugarolas, hab.215
Come back“Parallel Worlds” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215 (Sant Hilari Sacalm)
“Networking” - Ambar Koenigsberg Gallery(Pineda de Mar)
“Shadows” - Hostal Fugarolas, have. 215 (Sant Hilari Sacalm)
“Exhibition of works” - Joanet Restaurant (Sant Hilari Sacalm)
“Oil exhibition” - Restaurant Montseny (Sant Hilari Sacalm)
“Collection of Works” - Hotel Vilar Rural (Sant Hilari Sacalm)
“Moving waters” - Masia Can Rovira (Sant Hilari Sacalm)


November-December: Mataró Drawing Exhibition - Iluro Foundation (Mataró)
October-December: Art in Pandemic - Artistic Circle (Pineda de Mar)
October-November: Sant Lluc Collective 2020 - Iluro Foundation (Mataró)
April-May: Art Box - Artistic Circle (Pineda de Mar)
December-January: Collective 15×15 - Sant Lluc Association in the Appraisers Room (Mataró)
Collective of the Artistic Circle of Pineda de Mar - Can Comas Cultural Space
(Pineda de Mar)
Alternative nativity scene participation with the work “Edelweiss” - Group of artists
ArtdeNou(Pineda City Council)
Collective Curator of the Artistic Circle of Pineda de Mar - Cultural Space “Let's go” (Pineda de Mar)
2the Mar de Flors project edition “Maculatures” - artistic installation on the occasion of the centenary of Tharrats– Patio library and space “Sara Llorens” (Pineda de Mar)
1in edition Mar de Flors project - artistic installation “Love to the sea” a la
facade and courtyard old library (Pineda de Mar)
Of the 2009, participation in various exhibitions at the Can Basté Civic Center
(Barcelona), al TPK(Hospitalet de Llobregat), with the Fine Arts group of the Badalona Museum, at the Barceloneta Civic Center (Barcelona), in the Sala Capella and in the Library of Malgrat de Mar., to the Sala Key (Hospitalet de Llobregat), and Pa, Wine and Moltó (Calella), with Gent del Masnou, etc.

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