Tibidabo lake – Opera brief Xavier Canut

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Àngels Canut

Sponsors “Tibidabo lake”

Opera brief Xavier Canut

Tibidabo lake


Theatre Centre Barcelona

Presents the second play of the trilogy:

Diagonal River (Released March 2009)

Tibidabo lake

Montserrat sea

Xavier Canut

Tibidabo Lake



Sara Bathtubs, Massira, Soprano

Anna Martínefrom, Ensa, Soprano

Jorge A. Jasso, Karel, Tenor

Xavier Aguilar, Antol, Baritone

Félix Merino, Ralòs, Tenor

Josep Cànaves, Accordionist

Coral Baluern, Heart of the village

Olga Campos. Stage director

Xavier Canut, Keyboards


Karel, carpenter working repairing the chapel of St. Rolta to Lakeshore Tibidabo

Antol, monk, saw, caring and runs the chapel serves parishioners and their parish

Massira, the young and innocent peasant village Karel every day brings food

Noren, bella i elegant dama, deranged because of its wealthy, boastful and quarrelsome husband Ralós

Ensa, the wicked witch living in the forest, for plotting any wrongdoing suffered tibidencs

The accordionist, musician town

The town, people listen, people talk…