Montserrat Sea Barcelona - Angels Canut

Montserrat Sea

Montserrat Sea

Premiere of the operetta in three acts by Xavier Canut

The Theater of Sarria in Barcelona

the next day 10 in November 2017

them 9 evening


After operettas Diagonal River, 2009 i Tibidabo Lake, 2015 the next day 10 November released the new operetta in three acts by Xavier Canut, Montserrat Sea to the Theater Sarria in Barcelona.

information: Montserrat Sea

theater Sarria

Father Miguel de Sarria, 8

08034 Barcelona

Telephone: 93 203 97 72

Montserrat Sea

Montserrat Sea Barcelona - Angels CanutFebruary 1808, French army occupied Barcelona. The spirit and resilience of Barcelona are the limit. Although the principality suffers the drama of foreign occupation, now Bourbon, English now, are constantly bombarded, sacked and imprisoned. El 4 June of the same year, the Napoleon's troops led by General Schwartz leave Barcelona and go towards Manresa to stop rebellion by burning paper sealed, then the downpour great surprising, being muddy in Martorell. General organizes squad volunteer to carry out an advanced observation until Heather. So, to redeem the storm, could resume the march with guarantees security, because The area is part of the Catalan militia to militia Manresa. The next night, Masia de Can Puigserrat in the municipality of Collbató, a casual event became victory in the first battle of Heather..

Xavier Canut, Composer

Montserrat Sea




Vanessa Villanueva * Soprano * Dravela, Can Serrat Puig mom

Patrik Tapiol * Tenor * Giraud, French Army Lieutenant

Mari Rosa Ramirez * Soprano * LLiselda, niece and Dravela Cartresar

Anna Martinez * Soprano * barg Elina, baker

Félix Merino * Tenor * Hriadvert, home of the subject Dupont, French army captain

Xavier Aguilar * Baritone * Cartresar, Dravela brother and uncle of LLiselda Schwartz, French army general

Josep Cànaves * Baritone * Kalvés, taverns and cross-eyed accordionist


Youth Choir of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia


Andrea Mesquida * anarchist

Helena Domenech * Barcelona

Laia Costa * enamored

Laia Salgado * Barcelona

Nuria Seuba * anarchist

Pilar Verdaguer * Violetera


nose Bosch * Taverners SCD

Sara Matons * Taverners SCD


Carles Medina * Soldier

Luis Planas * anarchist

Luis Ruiloba * anarchist

Arnau Collado * Violinist


Alberto Fernández * baker love

Alex Fernandez * Soldier

Roger Collado * Violinist

Jorge Korah * Arrangements and direction of Heart

Olga Campos * Stage director

Xavier Canut * Composer and keyboards

Supported by Angels Canute, Galeria d’Art i Complements