Art by Yasmina Reza

Art by Yasmina Reza

Art Yasmina Reza

Art by Yasmina RezaArt Yasmina Reza:

Rarely a white box, or rather, a painting white, has brought both concerni. You are about to see Art, Yasmina Reza. A brilliant comedy. A theatrical phenomenon that has walked and wanders all theaters of the world from 1994.

Most of you will see Art per primer cop. Many of you, however, surely you've seen any other production before, and some may even have seen a show of the work. How is it?

Yasmina Reza has built a powerful and subtle theatrical device, almost perfect, asking again and again three main actors to make it detonate. See again ART the same way we return to the opera to see again The Marriage of Figaro O La Traviata. To enjoy new interpretations, new perspectives and new productions of theatrical carpentry works as a solid know that we do not disappoint. in teatre, off Classic, This does not usually happen.

The idea of ​​the white box and three friends, the extraordinary originality of this point, and its brilliant and clever dramatic development, and the dialectical character fencing depuradíssima, We continue to fascinate.

My work has been, always with, put myself at the service of the piece and the actors. Directing a success is not easy, but having players like Peter, Francesc and Lluís makes a big difference. There have been many hours of pleasure, many hours working word by word, word by word, silence silence, to get to know the score and how to find the perfect pitch, the correcte to, the appropriate style. I sincerely hope that we have achieved and it will go well and laugh as much as we have done. One last comment: If the mission of the art must be struck, questioned, even bother, The picture painted in white is definitely and without a doubt, a masterpiece. I finally understood:

The white box was a black hole!

Miquel Gorriz