Pedro Estelrich - Great Works of Great Masters

Pedro Estelrich – Great works of great artists

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Pedro Estelrich - Great Works of Great MastersPedro Estelrich

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Pedro Estelrich – Great works of great artists

A sea


As an ancient Greek ships with sails full of wind, light and color filled journey through the Mediterranean, Pedro Estelrich puts ships serving the paint demonstrate their passion for classical cultures to which pictorial tribute, while making clear its unavoidable Mediterranean roots.

with intense brushwork and a considerable body matèric Pedro Estelrich paints different coastal landscapes of the Islands. Old sea charts and rough fabrics as part waves so a collage insistent generous in his work that continues to stubbornly sailing sea search.

M. Àngels Canut, Art historian


Text of Art Critics: Gemma Gregory

Joan Mañe

Josep Lluís Ponce

Gemma Ros

Editorial Oliveras (Josep Oliveras Account)

Sant Joan les Fonts (Girona)

Legal deposit: GIVE 987-2016

I.S.B.N. 978-84-697-1582-6

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