Diamond Square

Diamond Plaza

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Diamond Plaza

Adapted and directed by Joan Ollé
Starring Lolita Flores

Goya theater – Barcelona

Note by the Director

Almost lose my first girlfriend because of Diamond Plaza. It was a Saturday, I must have been twenty years Serrat and finished eating at home with my uncles and Charles Pepita, living a few blocks from the home of Maite. If the appointment was to them zinc, I arrived at seven, because the way I stopped to read avidly, unable to detach myself, pages that were ahead of me. And a spring Saturday afternoon a popular district offered the light to understand exactly what those Rodoreda words were very serious, very beautiful and all. I thought it might be good theater.

So they spent five years, Josep Maria Benet i Jornet accompanied me, Also in the early afternoon, home of Mrs. Rodoreda, the upper area of ​​Barcelona. Remember thatMercedes laughed a lot, out loud, and smoking more. A few days ago I received a letter in which, very affectionately, m'autoritzava bring his work to the stage. It has taken thirty-five years before Lolita Flores, daughter of a man born a few meters from the Barcelona Diamond Square, tell us, pigeons sitting on the bench, different lives Colometa. A luxury.

Joan Ollé