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Carlos Codoñer

Carlos Codoñer

Carlos Codoñer (Valencia)

Plastic Artist Creative

Bachelor of Fine Carlos Codoñer - Barcelona - Angels CanutArts. Faculty of Fine Arts. Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Plastic Artist Creative

Carlos Codoñer, artist, creative designer developed his work in different disciplines such as: painting, sculpture, performances, facilities, decoration, Graphic design….

Her research focuses on the study andThe act of walking, of walking, pilgrims … sometimes letting go.

walkers Carlos Codoñer are always on the move, stop and reflect on his way in life …

A formal level this translates into works where the figure walking on a horizontal line and runs background with various research topics: life and passes through it, art, culture … effort, thought and mainly the time factor so vital in our lives.

The use of such elements or icons pack, Backpacks, bicycles, refer to walking, who walks like exile, refugee, or simply as a traveler …. traveling, escapes, from one place to another aimlessly, another life. In his suitcase door all the life.

the series The line of life, Caminanopares, Walk on music, Blue Zones, Examples of what has been said so far.

The new artwork titled at hand A lifetime, is a project which combines new series and previous concepts and new research fields, new walkers, paths, a new life, keep walking .. .because in the end we are all walkers …

Individual Artistic Experience

2017 Where is the Walker, Galeria Tapinearte, Valencia.

2016 Installation Walk on music … caminanopares, (The soundtrack of your life), Intramurs 2016, Valencia.

2015 Caminanopares, Sales of the Old Town Municipal Board, Valencia City Council.

2015 Walk on music,EXCL, Valencia Urban Circuit Music, Russafa edition.

2015 Walk, Galeria Take Away Contemporary Art, Peñíscola, Valencia.

2015 project Caminanopares.

2014 Individual, The line of life, Galeria The Blue Atelier, Intramuros Valencia.

2014 project The line of life, Arte76 exhibition space and exhibition space ArteEntucara, Valencia.

DesdeCero Gallery Art and Design Gallery and Atelier The Blue, Valencia.

2013 project Faces i Galeria The Blue Atelier, Valencia.

2008/07 Individual Stroke 08, Avart Studio Gallery, Valencia.

2007 Individual The passion of the human, Hotel Eurostars Gran Valencia.

Collective Artistic Experience

2018 Collective brushstrokes, Tapinearte, 2018, Valencia.

2017/18 And you Posquins Exhibition 2016/2017/18, itinerant, Carmen Center, Ubik Cafè i Tapinearte, Valencia.

2016 1Call to International Vintage Postcards Intervingudes, Art Space, Come and see, Valencia.

2016 Collective project Mazet, space lemon tree, Valencia.

2016 exhibition 20 x 20, Open Russafart 2016, acting Art, Valencia.

2016 The Blue Zones, Galeria d’Art FreeZia, Open Russafart 2016, Valencia.

2016 Collective DEP Collective, Showroom Taverns White, Valencia.

2016 Exquisite Corpse N. 2. The end of the origins, Festival d’Art, Entertainment & Music, district 008.

2016 Collective, DEP Collective, Sala OFF, Festival d’Art, Entertainment & Music, district 008.

2015  Posquin you 2015, Trentatres Gallery, Valencia.

2015 Collective Take Away Summer Contemporary Art, Peñíscola, Castellon.

2015 Exquisite Corpse N. 1, Intramurs, Festival per l’art, Valencia.

2015 Confusion Benimaclet, Festival free expression II Edition, Valencia.

2015 Col·lectiva FreeZia, Art Gallery, Valencia.

2015 eMac, Burriana, Spaces of Contemporary Music and Art, Valencia.

2015 permanent work to freezia, Art Gallery, Valencia.

2015 Collective, Collective brushstrokes,  Imprevisual Gallery, Valencia.

2014 Collective Intramurs, Festival for art in Valencia, Galeria The Blue Atelier, Valencia.

2014 Collective Posquins I you, Valencia, Gallery Four, Valencia.

2014 Collective Periphery Chaos, Imprevisual Gallery, Russafart Valencia.

2013 Collective project Erran, Project created by Ramon Alvarez, gallery + O, Valencia.

Collective Valencia Festival of Arts, Old Town Open, Valencia.

Collective brushstrokes, Art Gallery, Castellon.

Collective. This is my stance against homophobia, Disenny, Ca Revolta and Colevega, Valencia.

2010 Collective Multi-Art Gallery, Valencia.

Collectives, Galeria American Prints , Valencia Gallery Prince 17, Madrid.

2009 Collectives, Multi-Photo and Art Inquiry 09, Valencia.

2008 Collectives Babel Art Space Gallery and Paul Badger, Valencia.

Collective, Container Art Gallery, Valencia.

2007 Collectives. 25 Supermarket of Art and American Prints, Valencia.

Collective, I National Painting Exhibition of Small Format, Galeria Pau Tejón, Valencia.

Collective, The Eternal Feminine, Galeria Pau Tejón, Valencia

Collectives I - II. Painting,  Gallery Pau Yew, Valencia.

Awards: 2008 Second Prize, National Painting Hall Small Format Photo Paul Badger.

selected works:

2014 VII Painting Biennial of Manises, Valencia.

2014 IX International Competition miniquadres Muz-Martinez, St. Vincent Art Gallery, Alicante.

XXXV International Edition miniquadres-Hosts of Cadi, Cook.

2009 XI International Competition of Painting and Sculpture Manolo Valdés.

2009  National Painting Prize Xativa, Valencia.

1997 VII Biennial Sculpture Villa de Paterna, Valencia.

1995 VI Biennial Sculpture Villa de Paterna, Valencia.

1989  Bancaja XVI Spring Exhibition, Valencia.


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