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4 minutes 12 seconds - versus Teatre - Barcelona versus Teatre


4 minutes 12 seconds the Versus Theater

4 minutes 12 seconds is a play today, interesting, striking that invites reflection.

in Jack, the fill of 17 years David and Di has come home after a beating. Gradually who will discover why it has. It all starts with a video of sexual content posted on internet out there in his ex-girlfriend, face. Which is visible in the video? Who uploader? The reactions of David and Di to these questions makes you question the education you have given and their roles within the family, to the point of reaching amazing choices ...

The actors involved in this work are: Jordi Cadellans , Sílvia Sabaté, Carlos Pulido Judith Aguilar .

The text is James Fritz and translated by Núria Busquet.

The location is Duran

The assistant director is Àlex Ferre

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