Jesus Costa – Music of the time

Jesús Costa in Música del Temps. Collective exhibition.

Art Salon at the Ripollet Art Center (Barcelona).

The 6 to the 30 d'April 2021.

The music, in all its forms and with all its complexities, accompanies humanity from its origins, being a constant and an expression of all that we call “culture”, with which it mixes, of natural form, in multiple forms of which “Music of the time” is one more example.

Five very different artists bring us their perspective on music from different perspectives. With complementary formats and techniques, we are faced with a dialogue that is enriched by the multiple languages ​​used: recorded, drawings, acrílics i tècniques mixtes exploren els nostres sentiments a tràves de les melodies suggerides i els ritmes insinuats, en un viatge que ens recorda tot allò que ens fa humans i ens pertany com a herència col·lectiva.

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