Silver Collection d’ Àngels Canut

Collection Money

Nova col·lecció de penjolls d’ Àngels Canut 283-1214 Brown-green jade pendant, 70God mm, cut on both sides, silver leather i verd

New Collection Money

Canute debut angels in the field of jewelry

Penjolls de jade, silver and semiprecious stones

unique and exlusiva

With Collection Money, Angels Canute entered in the field of jewelery.

The Collection Money, conform stones that have been chosen for their unique shapes, colors i textures.

With such disparate stones, as are the jades, the turquenites… in the nostre study-design workshop in Barcelona We thought the partsmoney necessary to turn these stones into a beautiful pendants, uniqueness and exclusivity.

The peces ofmoney han estat dissenyades en estreta col·laboració amb l’Alexandre un reconegut joier i amb Clàudia Aymamí, Técnica Superior Arts and Design.

Themoney is presented in all its nuances, oxidized, cisellat, polished shapes as diverse silhouettes ranging from more evolvents winding profiles more refined and linear, sometimes in full harmony with the stone or a studied appearance contrasted. Leather or suede of different thicknesses and colors are those that make up the third element exquisite and beautiful jewelry. Unique pieces.

The Collection Money és the first work d’ Àngels Canut the fascinating world of jewelery.

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Àngels Canut