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Almost passed 3 years after that Canute Bathroom Angels started to create exclusive line of necklaces and pendants. Shortly after we opened online gallery www.angelscanut.com with the aim of showing a more extensive signature creations and facilitate their purchase.

Through the blog we told our exhibition activity and we wanted to share with you the our concerns and interests. We have presented a collection of articles published on jewelry and paint M. Àngels Canut art historian and we have echoed the firm’s collaboration in different artistic manifestations.

mixed media online art gallery is a new initiative Angels Canute, is a new art space where you want to present the work of various branches of artistic expression.

With this step Angels Canute we set a new challenge, un nou camp experimental. We open our virtual artists and provide public access to the work with the possibility to purchase them online at reasonable prices.

Mixed inaugurate the work of Xavier Canut

Àngels Canut




Xavier Canut
Xavier Canut – footprint dark, 2011
Xavier Canut
Xavier Canut – Cambrils, 1949
Xavier Canut
Xavier Canut – Altamira, 2009
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  • Xavier Canut Mixed media / board