Necklaces of

Collection Fragments

semiprecious stones

Everything we like, everything that is good, what we enjoy, to take a fragment either thinking, with the heart or with the hands and jealously treasure.

I searched carefully among stones, from the mountains to the oceans, volcanoes and glaciers, these fragments stones around I now present.

Pieces, fragments, pieces of stone that m’han chosen. I have been interested in colors, textures, shades and shapes and made me feel the force of the water, land, wind and fire the bone now I make participants.

Aqui present the nova collection Fragments,composed 100 pendants with adjustable buttons, pieces.

Àngels Canut

Discover our necklaces from the Fragments collection

Jade Necklace, antelina camel color, Adjustable metal buttons dauradese

Rose Quartz Necklace, antelina rosa, Adjustable metal silver buttonsJade Necklace, antelina camel color, Adjustable metal golden buttonsSodalite necklace, antelina blava, Adjustable metal silver buttons

  • Name of the collection: Collection Necklaces
  • stones: semiprecious stones