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Penjoll de jaspe ocean

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Penjoll de jaspe ocean, antelina gris i fornitures platejades

Ocean jasper pendant

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Penjoll de jaspe ocean, antelina gris i fornitures platejades

Ocean jasper pendant, 50×45 mm, gray suede trimmings and adjustable metal silver de la Fragments Collection

d’ Àngels Canut. One piece

Collection Fragments

Pendant Collection of ocean jasper Fragments: Everything we like, de everything that is good, what we enjoy, to take a fragment either thinking, amb el cor o amb les mans i gelosament l’atresorem, in the form of a penjoll, a collar. I searched carefully among stones, des dels oceans i muntanyes fins els volcans i les glaceres, these fragments Stone around bone now I presented through these last Exclusive necklaces and pendants. Pieces, fragments, bits of stone that m’han chosen. M’han interessat pels seus colors, textures, matisos i formes i m’han fet sentir la força de l’aigua, la terra, wind and fire the bone now I make with these participants Unique necklaces and pendants. Collection Fragments,composta de penjolls i collars amb fornitures ajustables, pieces.

Àngels Canut

Collection Fragments

Pendants made of semiprecious stones

Aquello everything we like, of all that is good we, of what we enjoy, take a fragment, either thought, with heart and hands and jealously treasure.

I have searched through stones, from the oceans and the mountains to volcanoes and glaciers, these fragments stone various locations I now want to present.

Chunks, fragments, Stone gaps they have chosen me. I have been interested in their colors, textures, shades and shapes, I been made to feel the force of water, land, Wind and Fire, of which now I want to participate.

Here I present the new collection Fragments, consists of colgantes and necklaces with adjustable metal trimmings. Unique pieces.

Àngels Canut



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Ocean jasper pendant
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