Greg Miller is Elvis Presley

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Greg Miller is Elvis Presley

rock king

Greg Miller

He was born in California the same day Elvis enlisted in the U.S. Army. As 5 year old, Greg discovers the music of Elvis and debuted on stage. It will train the UCSD San ​​Diego, California, while still singing and acting in several musicals. But it was not until 1992 when Greg debuted as an artist on an Elvis tribute to the legendary Las Vegas Super Show Legends in Concert where it would remain for 13 years uninterruptedly. Greg has toured the world including 25 visits Japan, several European countries, Asia and Australia and thousands of performances in Vegas, their place of residence. Greg Miller, today, sum more than 10.000 shows playing his idol Elvis Presley

rock king is a Greg Miller show about the King of Rock.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo (Mississippí) the 8 de gener de 1935 and is considered as The King of Rock. A cultural icon and protagonist among many other issues of the first teletransmits concert, worldwide via satellite, Alhoa from Hawaii the 1973, and seen by 1.500 millions of people. His home in Graceland is the second most visited in the US surpassed only by the White House.

International critics consider Greg Miller to be Elvis' best performer.

Apollo Theater in Barcelona – G.M.