Diagonal River

Diagonal River Opera brief Xavier Canut

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610Diagonal River – Opera brief Xavier Canut

Diagonal River, is the first short opera by Xavier Canut which forms part of the trilogy Diagonal River, Tibidabo Lake i Montserrat Sea.

Xavier Canut is responsible for the lyrics and the music and the scenery and keyboard.

It was released in March 2009 very good critical reception and the improvised theater Pelson the Gracia district of Barcelona.

Diagonal River was sponsored by Furniture Pelson.


Diagonal River

a city, Barcelona

a riu, Diagonal, DAIAG separating the Nord Sud

A bridge, linking the two zones

North, Liz and wealthy dreamer, Isal his ceramist friend

AL South Wier restless sailor and his seamstress friend Tel

One day fred thousand….



Xavier Aguilar, DAIAG, Baritone

Julia Cube, Liz, Soprano

Alvaro Andres, Whose, Tenor

José Cardelús, Tel·la, Half

Montse Bravo, The Father, Half


Production Angeles Canute

Filming Adria Aymamí

Fotografia Lutgardo López

Audio and props Imma Balaguer

Hostess Andrea and Claudia Aymami

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