Carlos Rolando

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Carlos José Rolando, (Rosario, Argentina, 1933 – Barcelona, 2016)

Va estudiar a la Facultat d’Arquitectura de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) de Santa Fe com a recolzament a les seves aspiracions de dissenyador. Estudis que compaginava amb altres sobre de pintura, fotografia, tipografia, disseny i economia.

Va exercir de director d’art en el món editorial i en una agencia de disseny i després al 1967 es va traslladar a Barcelona on va fixar de manera definitiva la seva residencia i des d’on va contribuí a la renovació del disseny a Catalunya.

Josep M. teachers Quadreny

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Josep M. Josep M masters Quadreny. teachers Quadreny, born in Manresa (Barcelona) the 1929, is one of the innovators and popularizers most significant contemporary music in our country. His involvement with the recovery of the culture in the fifties and sixties led him to participate in private initiatives of cultural activism as La Ricarda and Club 49. His creative affinity and friendship with artists such as Joan Brossa, Joan Miro, Pere Portabella, Carles Santos and Moisès Villèlia has led to collective works·teaching. His music is characterized by a constant renewal of the sound and the incorporation of new techniques, both in terms … Continued

The Café de la Marina

Coffee Navy Josep M. Sagarra
In San Miguel Theater
The Barrio de Gracia
In celebration of its 40 years
May 2017

Coffee Navy Josep M. Sagarra

The work is located in Port de la Selva, village on the Costa Brava, i presents a cafe mariner, where a girl, Caterina, has been abandoned by her lover. His sadness is evident when his sister Rosa married, while she has to endure the rumors and whispers that occur in the cafe where she works, where privacy does not exist. In this environment can only marry a stranger leaving fish Banyuls, older than her.

4 minutes 12 seconds

4 minutes 12 seconds is a play today, interesting, striking that invites reflection.

in Jack, the fill of 17 years David and Di has come home after a beating. Gradually who will discover why it has. It all starts with a video of sexual content posted on the internet that leaves your ex-girlfriend, face. Which is visible in the video? Who uploader?


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Vindication in the Red Chamber

Two women work instead talk, reflect and share experiences that will lead to reframe reality. An incisive and humorous work that invites us to question our everyday, roles and power structures through the vindications, the struggles and the voices of women before and now.
After the debate we invite participatory actresses work.

people Well

people Well
people Well. Rusiñol Cuban
It is clear that one day in Cuban Rusiñol and we had to find… The stars have decided that now was the right time. As we are in Sitges we have nurtured since childhood Rusiñol, l’hem olorat i quasi l’hem tocat. This versatile artist who revolutionized our people was a "Teatrera" like us, that has influenced and has been a source of inspiration…

Despite playing with Molière comedy

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Despite playing with Molière comedy

Comedy based on characters and situations theater Molière.

Revision and adaptation to Catalan J.M. Vidal, l'Original Juan Antonio Castro I smell burnt Horn.

The adventure we propose today is to delve,all together, and public actors, món Molière in the mà J. M. Vidal. This farce will find well-known characters of the great French master, com Sganarelle, Molière same role that he played so many times and we have divided into three female voices and present leading role. The Miser and his daughter Celia Harpago, The Bourgeois Gentleman Monsieur Argan, Leli's love, Dorina and indispensable servants and Scarpa. In the cas of Dorina, the naughty maid, We also doubled to give the game more actresses group Triangle.