Brooches Catalan 1915 -1945

Brooches Catalan 1915 – 1945 Text accompanying the presentation of the exhibition Catalan Brooches 1915 – 1945 Gallery hypothesis – Barcelona, 1999 Hypothesis presented with liking exposure Catalan Brooches 1925-1945, within the program of retrospectives, which periodically offers photo. The exhibition includes the whole ninety pieces of notable jewelers Catalan. It is necessary to remember that making 8 years, the 1999 Hypothesis presented a first exhibition, Brooches entitled Catalan 1930 – 1950, in which he exhibited the work of some of the jewelers of vital assistance to the current edition, Jaume Queralt Mercadé (1889-1967), Ramon Sunyer Clara(1889-1963), Peter Martin Vilanova (1890-1972), Joaquim Capdevila Meya (1876-1959), Manuel Capdevila Masssana … Continued

TransArt 2015 – Collective exhibition·bargaining

TransArt 2015 – Collective exhibition·bargaining

For the second consecutive year M. Angels manager Canut Style Civita part in Transart 2015 – Collective exhibition·lectiva painting, sculpture, pottery, recorded… The Rectory Art Center. Foundation Rectory Vilamajor. Foundation Pivada, is a non-profit. Sant Pere de Vilamajor (Vallès Oriental).

TransArt – Collective exhibition·bargaining

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TransArt – Collective exhibition·Canute bargaining Angels participate in the collective exhibition·lectivaTransArt be held at the Art Center Rectory From Sant Pere de Vilamajor 13/12/2014 to the 10/01/2015 For many years, The Rectory Art Centre, Every year around Christmas, held TransArt. Transart is a small art market that takes the form of a collective exhibition·bargaining (painting, recorded, sculpture, Jewelry, …) in which artists exhibit and sell works of medium and small affordable, APTES per-se constitute an excel·slow Christmas and Epiphany: … Continued