Hope yes! – For a better world.

With the message “L’Esperança sí! For a better world ”, one more year, the Galician painter Jesús Costa, coordinates for the ninth consecutive year the vindictive and festive project Merry Christmas from the Air in Llinars del Vallès. The plastic artist Jesús Costa, is well committed to humanitarian and environmental issues and his works and projects tenaciously follow his ideology to the point of enthusiastically involving all sectors and social strata of Llinars del Vallès. Així doncs, participates in this integrative project from the youngest to the oldest, from kindergartens to nearby schools, in the residences for the elderly and also in the group of painters of Montseny, … Continued

Merry Christmas from the air 2020

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Hope is !!!For a better world!!! The exhibition "Merry Christmas from the air" was born from a work with the schools of the municipality and the city of Llinars del Vallès,  and coordinated by the painter Jesús Costa,  in order to decorate the village from the nougat fair with banners painted by children and young people, giving messages related to the educational values ​​or projects of the centers. This year and in agreement with the schools we decided not to make new banners, since this course 2020-21 it presented itself as difficult and uncertain. For this reason, there is only one new banner that is in a poster format that you have attached. Where the message means … Continued

Brooches Catalan 1915 -1945

Brooches Catalan 1915 – 1945 Text accompanying the presentation of the exhibition Catalan Brooches 1915 – 1945 Gallery hypothesis – Barcelona, 1999 Hypothesis presented with liking exposure Catalan Brooches 1925-1945, within the program of retrospectives, which periodically offers photo. The exhibition includes the whole ninety pieces of notable jewelers Catalan. It is necessary to remember that making 8 years, the 1999 Hypothesis presented a first exhibition, Brooches entitled Catalan 1930 – 1950, in which he exhibited the work of some of the jewelers of vital assistance to the current edition, Jaume Queralt Mercadé (1889-1967), Ramon Sunyer Clara(1889-1963), Peter Martin Vilanova (1890-1972), Joaquim Capdevila Meya (1876-1959), Manuel Capdevila Masssana … Continued

TransArt 2015 – Collective exhibition

TransArt 2015 – Collective exhibition

For the second consecutive year M. Angels manager Canut Style Civita part in Transart 2015 – Collective painting exhibition, sculpture, pottery, recorded… The Rectory Art Center. Foundation Rectory Vilamajor. Foundation Pivada, is a non-profit. Sant Pere de Vilamajor (Vallès Oriental).