Esperança si! – Per un món millor.

Amb el missatge “L’Esperança sí! Per un món millor”, un any més, el pintor gallec Jesús Costacoordina per novè any consecutiu el projecte reivindicatiu i festiu Bon Nadal des de l’Aire a Llinars del Vallès.L’artista plàstic Jesús Costa, està ben compromès en temes humanitaris i mediambientals i les seves obres i projectes segueixen amb tenacitat el seu ideari fins al punt d’involucrar amb entusiasme a tots els sectors i estaments socials de Llinars del Vallès. Així doncs, fa partícips en aquest projecte integrador des de els més menuts als més grans, des de les llars d’infants a les escoles dels voltants, a les residències de gent gran i també al col·lectiu de pintors del Montseny, … Continued

Carlos Codoñer

Carlos Codoñer (Valencia)

Plastic Artist Creative

Bachelor of Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts. Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Plastic Artist Creative

Carlos Codoñer, artist, creative designer who develops his work in various disciplines such as: painting, sculpture, performances, install·facilities, decoration, Graphic design….

Emilio Freixas Aranguren

Emilio Freixas Aranguren (Barcelona, 1899 – 1976), drawing escenòfrag, the·illustrator.
It stands out not only as an artist, scenographer, the·illustrator but is, considered a pioneer of comics in Spain. Also he has recognized his outstanding work as a drawing teacher. Since childhood he showed great talent for drawing. He was student of the painter Emilio Casals, (Barcelona 1843 – 1928). His great skill and ease for drawing led him to work in the factories of stage designers and Bullbena Girbal, as a set designer and decorator for more than a decade. From his youth draws tirelessly posters, advertising vignettes, is recognized as a master in the specialty.

Pedro Estelrich – Great works of great artists

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Pedro Estelrich great work of great artists Pedro Estelrich – A great work of great artists Sea Research As an ancient Greek ships with sails full of wind, light and color filled journey through the Mediterranean, Pedro put Estelrich vessels serving the painting to demonstrate his passion for classical cultures to which pictorial tribute, while making clear its Mediterranean roots unavoidable. With an intense brushwork and a considerable body matèric Pedro Estelrich painted different coastal landscapes of the Islands. Old sea charts and tissues rough waves as part of a generous so insistent in his collage … Continued

Manuel Gómez Perochena

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Manuel Gómez Perochena Autodidacta. Realitza exposicions a Madrid, Soria, Almazan (Soria), Valdemoro (Madrid), La Marina d'Elx, Zeddam (Netherlands) Get prizes watercolor·and drawing on the various competitions. His work appears in co·private collections and the Museum of Zeddam, (Netherlands) Specialty artistic works that: Watercolor·and the drawing Throughout his life as a draftsman designer, the tools used to make precision drawings, is the rule, the square, the bevel or compass and pencil, The technical ruling pen or marker, running pictures with all sorts of details such renowned architects, Fernando Moreno Barberá and Julio Cano Lasso. Later begins in … Continued

Jesus Costa Beiro

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Jesus Jesus Costa Costa Beiro Beiro, Natural Noia, A Coruña landscapes and colors catalanogalaics Jesus Costa Beiro is an artist who is at the service of the humble, those for whom every day is a constant struggle. fully Galician, both by birth and sentiment, this time pays tribute to Castelao, that, with as much success as pain, wrote and draw on the people and the Galician soul. And achieves its purpose without falling into anecdote and easy tremendism, but with a clear desire to shake hands and help those who suffer. Residing for years in Catalonia, which is an active member of society, He considers … Continued