Jewellers Catalan twentieth century

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Article de M. Àngels Canut titulat

Jewellers Catalan twentieth century

published in the Journal of the Association of Women Journalists Women

n. 19, juny de 2005

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Jewellers Catalan twentieth century

Ninon Collet

(Eaux-Vives _Suïssa- 1901 / Barcelona 1973)

Eugenie Marguerite Millioud, aka Ninon Collar, although was born in the town of Eaux-Vives, Switzerland, developed his career at Barcelona. At the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva, of 1916 a 1921, studied engraving, cisellat, repujat, Drawing, modeling and composition acquiring, because, a solid artistic. Is engaged in jewelry, drawing, Paint, l'first, l'sculpture, i el batik. El 1923 moved his residence and workshop in Barcelona, on impartí classes. He exhibited his work in Spain, Switzerland and Mexico.

Guardiola Montserrat

(Barcelona, 1936)

Of del 1952 the fins 1958 he studied music, Drawing, modeling and painting at the School Valleys, Barcelona, of 1958 to the 1966, technical studies about jewelery workshops in Barcelona, I Düsseldorf Paris, i the 1970 a la art work and school de Pforzheim, Germany. Following, he installs his production workshop in Barcelona and uses the marketing process of his collections. Of 1974 a 1975 Work Center Activities Research and Artistic X. Corberó, Esplugues de Llobregat. El 1984 work shop in Barcelona. He took part in numerous exhibitions in Spain, across Europe, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

Theresa Chapel

(Terrace, 1945)

He studied drawing at the School of Arts and Crafts Terrace, of 1961 a 1963, and the Massana School, of 1964 a 1968. Gets the title of the graduate in Applied Arts 1968, specializing in jewelry. Consolidate your training at the Kunst und Pforzheim Werkschule, Germany, ia la National Academy of Craft Art and Fashion, Berlin. El 1974 Berlin inaugurates, with H.Leicht and W.Krüger, la Ophir Gallery, engaged in jewelery and graphic arts. El 1978 back to Catalonia, Matadepera, work on the jewelery workshop and, to the 1982 Gallery shop the vitreousa. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain, France, Holland, Japan and Switzerland, work has several museums of Europe.

Anna Font and Castellet

(Barcelona, 1945)

Study techniques and enamel jewelery at Massana School. Of 1966 a 1974, estudiar va a la arts and business school de Pforzheim, Germany, Jewelry, design and painting. El 1968 working as a designer of unique workshops Stahl, K.G. de Pforzheim. Of 1972 a 1976, teaches design and jewelry Massana School, while working as a jewelry designer for companies. Of the 1972 has his own workshop in Barcelona. She has made artistic and technical seminars in Barcelona, Saarbrucken (Germany) i Bangkok (Thailand). He has participated in several exhibitions in Spain, Belgium, Germany and the United States.

Teresa Casanovas Andinyac

(Barcelona, 1950).

He studied at the School of Fine Arts in St. George, Barcelona. El 1972 started in the craft workshop Bishop Aurelius graphic design and design objects of gold and jewelery, to then collaborate in the Aureli Bisbe Design studio. El 1987 society promotes Acnode, O. Sarda, where he works as a designer.

El 1990 created his own company. Jewelry with alternating conducting sculptures. He has won several awards and has participated in various exhibitions in Spain, United States, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Sweden France and Holland.

M. Àngels Canut

Historian l'Art